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Addiction Treatment

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Successful Treatment of Our Patients is Our Priority.

Addiction Treatment

Special rehabilitation programs, individually developed for each patient, allow our patients to get rid of most addictions.

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital started its activities 20 years ago as the Istanbul branch of “Memory Centers Of America”. It is the first brain hospital in Turkey and the second in Europe. It has the title of being one of the few JCI certified hospitals in Europe as a neuropsychiatry hospital.

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from 200,00$

24/7 Patient Support Desk

Our personal coordinator provide individual support to patients during their treatment.

Famax Smart Health Consulting

We analyze each patient’s medical condition thoroughly to pick most experienced doctors and suitable clinics.

Free Consultation

Health consulting and treatment organization services by FAMAX coordinators are completely free of charge.

Accommodation and Transfer

We are assisting our patients in accommodation and transfer.

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