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Check Up

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Successful Treatment of Our Patients is Our Priority.

Check Up

Even if you have no complaints, Check Up can reveal your hidden ailments that may lead to illness in the future and allow you to take preventive measures. With timely diagnosis and taking therapeutic or preventive measures, you can continue your life with a healthy and quality life.

Please contact us for information about the discounted Check Up inspection package.

Biruni University Hospital started to serve its patients in 2016. It is a full-fledged university hospital with a capacity of 153 beds on 10 floors, 23 of which are observation beds.

Acıbadem’s first step in its growth and development journey, which started as a district hospital in 1991, has become an internationally recognized company with the agreement signed with IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the largest groups in the Far East, in 2012.

Liv Hospital Group is the Turkish hospital chain established by MLP Health Services. Liv Hospital Ulus was opened in 2012, and today it continues to serve its patients with its hospitals in 6 different regions.

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from 350,00$

24/7 Patient Support Desk

Our personal coordinator provide individual support to patients during their treatment.

Famax Smart Health Consulting

We analyze each patient’s medical condition thoroughly to pick most experienced doctors and suitable clinics.

Free Consultation

Health consulting and treatment organization services by FAMAX coordinators are completely free of charge.

Accommodation and Transfer

We are assisting our patients in accommodation and transfer

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