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Thorax Surgery

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Successful Treatment of Our Patients is Our Priority.

Thorax Surgery

Lung transplantation, lung cancer surgery, removal of chest tumors and many other operations are performed by our experienced thoracic surgeons.

Acıbadem’s first step in its growth and development journey, which started as a district hospital in 1991, has become an internationally recognized company with the agreement signed with IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the largest groups in the Far East, in 2012.

Koç University Hospital started serving its patients in September 2014. Located in the Koç University Health Sciences Campus in Istanbul Topkapı, the hospital aims to “offer its patients the latest medical methods with the highest quality and professionalism”.

Liv Hospital Group is the Turkish hospital chain established by MLP Health Services. Liv Hospital Ulus was opened in 2012, and today it continues to serve its patients with its hospitals in 6 different regions.

Istanbul Medipol Hospital is a healthcare institution that has specialized in health since 1987 and has proven its success with its service and experience throughout Turkey.

Memorial Health Group was put into service in 2000. As the first hospital in Turkey and the 21st in the world to receive the JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation certificate, which is an international medical quality certificate, it proudly continues to achieve great success.

Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital started to serve in 1992 in Istanbul. The hospital has 12 operating rooms, 350 beds, a conference hall for 150 people, a central automation system, a patient transport system and services for patient families coming from outside the city.

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from 600,00$

24/7 Patient Support Desk

Our personal coordinator provide individual support to patients during their treatment.

Famax Smart Health Consulting

We analyze each patient’s medical condition thoroughly to pick most experienced doctors and suitable clinics.

Free Consultation

Health consulting and treatment organization services by FAMAX coordinators are completely free of charge.

Accommodation and Transfer

We are assisting our patients in accommodation and transfer.

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